Priory Estate, Poulton


We have undertaken a number of large project at the Priory Estate, in particular, the site infrastructure, with car parking, walling and estate yards. All of these installations and repairs have been fully future proofed for expansion in the future with telecoms, electric and water supply and with a minimal disruption to the tenants working in the units. 

A full restoration and repairs programme was undertaken on the commercial business park units. Here we were not only responsible for the authentic restoration and dilapidation repairs but also to honour the estate’s wonderful history, having been the house of the Gilbertine monks as far back as 1350. It was important to work sympathetically and consider the mix of the contemporary and the old. We were involved in the interiors of the offices too, with a colour scheme that was fresh and modern whilst working with the buildings ensuring each office had replacement internal IT infrastructure, with fully equipped kitchen, allowances for mixed use workspaces and changeable desk layout and using durable materials that stand up to the large footfall of a busy office. 

In the wider estate, we helped the client make the most out of the agricultural yard build by incorporating a fuel storage facility.  Here we navigated the regulations required for the environmental implications of the build as well as gaining experience in the specialist safety focussed civil engineering techniques involved in fitting the tank. We also incorporated an underground pumped sewage system here for large scale commercial site.